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Porsche 911 SWB Race/Rally
This Porsche 911 Coupe SWB built in 1967 is a completely hard and damage-free car. It has been restored and made suitable for driving rallies and track days. The bodywork and engine of the car are matching numbers, and the original color of the car is Hellelfenbein. The engine was built by Duel in the Netherlands as a 906 Race/Rally engine and equipped with double ignition. The gearbox is designed as a close ratio box with a limited slip differential. Both the engine and the gearbox have been overhauled by Duel in the Netherlands. The chassis of the car has also been overhauled and made suitable for sporty driving. Furthermore, the 911 is equipped with a 100-liter tank.
As a starting point, we took a 911 from 67, with a 4-speed gearbox and matching numbers. The body was in exceptionally good condition, but the paintwork was a bit poor and was repainted. The car was very original and damage-free.

Box number used: 7190129 type 901/07 5-speed box overhauled by Duel in Heerhugowaard and built up as a close ratio rally box with a 904 main axle and ZF limited slip differential. The car was delivered on April 7, 1967, at VW Pacific in Culver City CA to a certain Michael Niellbert from San Diego. The kardex is present with the car. After some sheet metal work where the car received new front fenders, the car was painted in its original color. The hood and trunk lid are painted in Aetna Blau but are currently wrapped in orange.

The body:
- New windscreen,
- To make it lighter: the rear window made of acrylic glass, anti-drum on the bottom omitted, sound insulation under the upholstery omitted, light rally seats, radio omitted, rear seats omitted, magnesium (1968) distribution housing on the (original aluminum) engine, Total weight of the car with engine oil and gearbox oil but without petrol = 940 kg
- 100-liter tank (replica)
- Roll bar
- 4-point seat belts
- Oil cooler extra in the right front mudguard
- Original rear towing eye

The engine:
- The basis is the original aluminum engine #9120xx.
- Block is flowed, bearing bridges are ground round, and equipped with piston squirters for better cooling, oil bypass modification
- 3.2l oil pump
- Balanced, superfinished crankshaft (all work by van Rijn)
- 2.2S piston and cylinder set
- 2, 7 S heads completely overhauled, large 2.7S valves new, new valve seats, heads flattened for slightly greater compression. Compression is not exact but will be approximately 10:1. Heads adapted for dual ignition
- Camshafts S; extra camshafts Duel Rally for 210hp
- Exhaust Duel race with small heat exchanger (custom made)
- Bosch distributor for Doppel Zündung from Mittelmotor
- Overhauled HKZ boxes adapted for tachometer control (extra diode)
- Overhauled Weber carburettors IDA 40 with 34 mm venturis (sport kit) and freeflow filters
- Oil cooler in the right front fender
- Duel racing exhaust

The gearbox
- The original gearbox has been kept with the car. Built-in is a revised 5-speed gearbox;
- Box number 7190129 type 901/07
- 904 main axle
- Original ZF limited slip differential 40%
- All bearings, synchromesh rings, and shift sleeves have been renewed
- All bushings and couplings in the control system have been renewed

The chassis:
- Bilstein Sport (yellow) shock absorbers
- Control arm bushings made of harder material (Alpo)
- All rubbers have been replaced and all bearings have also been replaced.
- Strut bar between the front suspensions
- Wheels Fuchs Deep 6 with almost new tires
- Stabilizer bar mounted at the rear
- Thicker stabilizer bars front and rear
- Thicker torsion bars front and rear
- Steering rack overhauled
- Car aligned and balanced
- Rear wishbones on uniballs

The brakes:
- Overhauled; separated system with S claws and ventilated discs
The interior:
- Momo rally steering wheel with a raised hub
- Rally fairings (Scheel lookalikes) on extra low Duel bases
- New upholstery
- Rubber R mat set
- Half roll bar
- Sound-absorbing material delete
- Radio delete
- Rear seats delete
- 4-point belts from Willans
- 10000 RPM tachometer
- Fire extinguisher

- Headlights switched via a relay
- Halogen lamps installed
- Through the grill spotlights installed

- Kardex
- Instruction booklet

- +/-185 HP of the engine
- Weight: without petrol with engine oil and gearbox oil = 940 kg
Condition: Reconditioned
Price: 127 000 €

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  • Brand: Porsche
  • Fashion model: 911
  • Type: SWB Race/Rally car
  • Number of doors: 2
  • Transmission: Manual transmission
  • Odometer reading: 99,999 KM
  • Number of gears: 5
  • Construction year: 01-01-1967
  • Fuel: Petro
  • Colour: White
  • VAT margin: Margin 100%
  • Maintained? Yes
  • Body: Coupe
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